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The Morrison Hall Alumni Association (MHAA) was established in 2000 with the aim to re-establish the tradition of the Morrisonians. Professor Y. C. Cheng, Mr. P.H.Mak, and Dr. Dexter Hung-Cho Man have made significant contributions to the development of MHAA, particularly the Rebuilding Campaign.

Professor Y. C. Cheng (BSc 1963)

was appointed as HKU’s 13th Vice-Chancellor in 1996. He had benefited personally from the “Morrisonian Spirit”. He emphasized the importance of hall education and companionship. His sense of belonging towards Morrison Hall triggered his idea of gathering all Morrisonians and initiating the Rebuilding Campaign

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kindly served as the Convener of the Rebuilding Campaign. The idea of a fund-raising activity entitled the “Campaign for Re-building Morrison Hall” (The Campaign) was suggested to cover part of the construction cost. The Campaign’s opening target was $20 million.

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Mr. P.H.Mak
(BA 1967) 

was the first one to make a pledge to the Rebuilding Campaign and donated $10 million which immediately met half of the fund-raising target.

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Dr. Dexter Hung-Cho Man (文洪磋博士)
(1916~2010, BScEng 1940)

The Morrison Hall, one of the earliest HKU hostels for male students, was established in 1913 and was closed down in 1968. Morrisonians initiated the Rebuilding Campaign for the Hall. Professor Y. C. Cheng invited all generations of Morrisonians to a reunion dinner at University Lodge on 16 January 1997. Over 50 Morrisonians attended the dinner. It was the first time that the idea of rebuilding Morrison Hall was proposed and gained extensive support.

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In 1998, Morrison Hall Reunion Dinner was held at Loke Yew Hall inspired by Professor Y. C. Cheng and Mr. P.H.Mak. This Reunion Dinner turned out to be another success. Performances by Morrisonians, sales of M-Coats and fund-raising through auctions were some highlights of that evening. Since then, Morrisonians have been showing their commitment to the Rebuilding Campaign by providing financial and moral support, especially Dr. Dexter Hung-Cho Man who has generously pledged an amount of HK$10 million.

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With MHAA’s continual support and generosity, the topping-out Ceremony of the new Morrison Hall in 2005 marked the completion of the building. As the objective of MHAA is to offer a platform exclusively for Morrisonians to maintain connections and friendships among each other, activities for Morrisonians have been regularly organized through the MHAA, such as Mentorship Programme, and Morrison Hall Outstanding Student Award Scheme.

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